About me

Occasionally, I have explored universal archetypes with the intention of discovering which ones have had influence me and let me delight in almost everything I’ve accomplished throughout my life. If I had to choose one, it would be Hermes, the messenger god, the impeccable communicator that has “delved” in most of my ambitions.

I was born on the 21st of November of 1953 in Carcaixent (Valencia, Spain) and lived my first twelve years in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain). Afterwards, I lived in some cities, as a resident or as an inveterate traveller who has traversed most of the world.

In respect to my academic training, after earning my high school diploma in Saint Vicent Ferrer High School in Valencia, I studied a year of Mathematics at the University of Valencia, a program I left for a Bachelor of Arts at the same university. Later, I earned an outstanding grade on a thesis on Modern History titled Las relaciones de Gregorio Mayans con los pre-ilustrados portugueses, and also earned several linguistics degrees in Philology. Some years later, I got a master’s degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Valencia and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Politecnica University of Valencia.

Apart from my academic training, I completed two psychology courses imparted by John McWhirter, the international expert on the potential of the behavioural modelling, who created Neuro-Linguistic Programming, called: Arte y Ciencia del Trabajo Eficaz con Grupos-Equipos-y-Familias-DBMR and Investigando y desarrollando el lenguaje.

With regard to my vital experience, at university, I combined school and work in a private clinic. Next, after passing a public examination to become a secondary school teacher, I taught at Josep Iborra’s High School in Benissa (Alicante, Spain) for a year and at Sant Vicent Ferrer’s High School in Valencia (Spain), the same high school where I had earned my high school diploma, for thirty years.

From 2000 on, in addition to teaching I added on four activities that I always loved: art, writing, translation, and interviewing.

Addiotionally, I was Cultural Manager of the Choral Society El Micalet in Valencia from 2008 until 2012; Keynote speaker at the 6th and 7th Annual Interdisciplinary Colloquiums on Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan Linguistics of the University of Florida; and I organized discussions, talk shows, speeches, etc. about the environment, culture, politics, economics and art, in addition to introducing prominent public figures. Finally, I was the organizer of the ATTAC – VALENCIA Political Ecology Observatory from 2018 until 2021.

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Sometimes, I am asked why I worked as a teacher or why I love painting, writing, translating, interviewing, and travelling.

Basically, it is because I am so passionated about those activities that they generate a great satisfaction in me. As for artistic expression and writing, ther are the ways that best reflect my personality. With regard to translating, interviewing and travelling all over the world, they help me to understand other people. Finally, teaching allowed me to share with my students what I considered important.

Certainly, in my case, all of them are tied together by a factor that fascinates me: communication. This might explain why I manage well in Spanish, Catalan, English, Italian, Portuguese, and French.



As an artist, I love that my emotions “sail” on the versatile paper using techniques that require water or “lead” the pertinacious gadget that penetrates through metal, extends on stone, or leaves a mark on silk.



As a writer, I am moved writing verses, recording my experiences in short stories, and trying to capture the volatile truth in articles.



As an interviewer, I try to discover people’s profile through their activities and personality in order to show it to my listeners, so that they can enjoy our chat as much as I do.


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